About the Rose Keepsake Company

The Rose Keepsake Co. was created to make your memories last forever! We take great pride in handcrafting unique and gorgeous Keepsakes that will be treasured and admired forever! A very special and creative way to preserve your flowers.

These creative handmade Keepsakes are made with your flowers, Your flowers are dried and preserved . Then they go through our process. After our process is finished we hand roll them into beads and we make them into jewelry .. Once we are finished the flowers are preserved forever as your special keepsake. Please allow 8 weeks.

Any flower can be preserved, however the best flowers to work with are Roses. 3-6 Roses are needed for Rosaries and Chaplets, 1 – 2 Roses are needed for small jewelry items.

Even though your Handmade Jewelry Keepsakes have been preserved forever. Do not leave in the heat or sunshine for long periods of time as it may lighten the beads.

All color flowers when dried can change to a darker or sometimes slightly different color. This change is especially noted in red roses and white roses. This is a natural process. There is nothing that can be down to change this, it is natural. When red roses dry they change to a Burgundy/Cranberry color. In this case, we often advise mixing these dark petals with other color flowers to enhance the visual effect.

White roses will change to an off white color. Some can also change to yellow or green or even pink color (depending on the variety). White roses can be sprayed on request with a white flower spray to enhance the color but this will not produce a perfectly white flower

A coating/sealer is applied to Jewlery Items such as Necklaces/Bracelets and Earrings . The coating is applied to protect your Jewelry Keepsakes against oils and perfumes and to prevent discoloration.

All our work is handmade with LOVE. Special care is taken to ensure your orders are carefully and thoughtfully prepared. We are blessed and honored to have YOU as our customer.

All God’s Love and Blessings,

The Rose Keepsake Co.
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1-800-590-4115 (Toll Free)

Ship Flowers to: The Rose Keepsake Co 607 North Ave Door 17, Wakefield MA 01880